Tree Care Services: Why You Should Plant a Tree Today

Tree Care Services: Why You Should Plant a Tree Today

People hire tree specialists Depew to enrich their gardens with magnificent trees. Most of them do it for aesthetic purposes. Or else to get some shade in the summer months.

However, trees have a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Keep reading to know how the benevolent trees bestow their benefits on humans.

The Many Amazing Benefits Of Planting Trees
Environmental & Ecological Advantages

Plant a tree with professional tree care services on your premises. They will nourish your surrounding environment by –

 Providing oxygen

 Improving air quality

 Climate amelioration

 Conserving water

 Supporting wildlife

 Preserving soil

During photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen that we breathe. One acre of forests absorbs 6 tons of carbon dioxide. And release 4 tons of oxygen. This oxygen content is sufficient to meet the annual needs of 18 human beings.

Planting a tree in the right spot can also moderate the effects of sun, rain, and wind. The tree leaves absorb and filter the sun’s harsh rays. They also provide a screen against the downfall of rain, sleet, and hail. 

Trees also extend their benevolence below ground. Far-reaching roots hold the surrounding soil in place and fight erosion. They store rainwater which cuts off sediment deposits after storms. This helps to recharge the groundwater supply and prevents flooding.

Practical And Commercial Advantages

Trees have sustained life throughout our existence. They have a wide range of practical and commercial utilities for humans. 

Wood was the very first fuel humans used. Half of the world’s population still uses them for cooking and heating purposes. 

Humans also benefit from apples, oranges, and the countless other delectable fruits and nuts trees provide. Trees like North American sugar maples produce tasty syrup too. 

Did you know the tree care services use the tree bark to make cork? They do indeed! Some even use it as a source of medicines and chemicals. Aspirin and quinine are both made from bark extracts. 

A few trees contain latex (the main ingredient of rubber) in their inner bark. Do you know some other commercial uses of trees? Let us know at (716) 666-4122!

Economic Advantages

Got an individual tree or shrub from the professional tree care services? That’s great! It has immense value and will contribute to your savings.

But, if possible, ask the expert tree care services to plant a collective range of trees. A bunch of trees brings a real economic impact on property value.

You can enjoy the direct economic benefits from trees through “energy costs”. Heating costs are lowered when trees serve as a windbreak. Also, a tree-shaded home keeps cooling costs in check.

Trees strategically placed around the building by the tree care services reduce cooling needs by 30%. They also save 20-50% on the energy utilized for heating.

Here are some eye-popping statistics on the property values of well-maintained trees –

 Homes with more than 5 healthy trees can expect a sale price of 6-7% higher.

 Mature trees have an appraised value between $1000 to $10,000.

 95% of realtors feel that beautiful trees have a strong impact on the saleability of homes listed over $20,000.  

Strategically Plant Trees In Your Property With Branch Specialists Depew

As you have seen, there are many incredible benefits of planting trees. So, get on the phone and call the Branch Specialists Depew team today. 

Our tree care services arborists will plant the right tree at the right spot on your property. We also offer routine tree trimming services to upkeep the optimal health of trees.  Schedule an appointment with us for tree care Depew services!

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