Tips to Enhance your Tree Care Routine

Tips to Enhance your Tree Care Routine

Have you seen bare properties being abandoned? It’s because people don’t like them. No trees, meaning little shade, less privacy, and minimum protection. 

Sadly, with no tree care, your property may end up the same.

Hence, you know how critical is to have a good tree care routine. Tree care services can bring you numerous benefits. You can just keep them counting!  So, check out these infographic tips for tree care Depew to attain all-around tree benefits.

Tips to follow for a developed tree care routine
Mulching and pruning weekly

Surrounding our tree base with some weekly mulch is a great way to start with. It’ll protect the trees from over-fertilizing and over-watering. Lay them about 2-3 inches thick, away from the tree bark.

However, weekly pruning is necessary when there are dead, or cracked limbs. You know how strong are Depew rains and wind storms. Except for minor storms, sometimes, your tree might be asking for pruning to eliminate pests or diseases.  

Branch Specialists Depew professionals will cut them safely, avoiding property damage.

Start your landscape care routine

You don’t have to wait until spring to begin landscaping. Instead, tree care services advise heading start in the fall to make your later spring care easier. In fact, care in fall is even more rewarding if you have food trees. You’ll have enormous production.

But, be sure to follow the PINE method:

  • Prune off the unruly branches
  • Inspect to find insect damage, dying limbs, or disease
  • Nourish with organic mulch and water
  • Extend to the next year’s growing season by planting trees in the fall itself

Note that well-cared trees don’t really snap, die, invite termites, or lose limbs. Tree specialists Depew can help your tree get rid of all of them.

Choose the correct trees

Good tree care instantly starts when you select the right tree for the right spot. To make it easier, we’ve collected the following to consider:

Consider your purpose– Are you planting trees for privacy, aesthetics, shade, street tree, or windbreak? Your ultimate goal will determine the tree you need.

Consider your yard size– What is the maximum spread and height space for the matured tree? What are the soil conditions and sun exposure? Your yard size will determine your limitations. Now, pick the right plant that can grow into a fitting matured tree in your landscape.

Prevent winter damage

Harsh cold winter temperatures and freezing wind damage our trees. Mainly, trees that flower and foliage in early spring are vulnerable. All it takes is a late winter storm to get the leaves and petals on the ground.

You should know the Depew wind patterns to prevent winter damage. But they keep on changing. So let tree care services prevent your trees from winter damage.

Observe and know defects

Sometimes, leaving your trees alone is the best way to protect them. But what if there’s a serious disease and you didn’t know until it was about to break off?! So, the earlier you know, the better!

Talke you casual walk and observe around. The signs you may notice can be as simple as little discoloration or as serious as undersized growth.

If you find any, it’s better to call tree care services. Our professional tree care is assured to serve you with top-notch solutions. 

The bottom line

So, now you know how crucial is it to enhance your tree care methods. Performing DIY is indeed economical. But hiring tree care services after every one or two months is really essential. You can see the disease signs, but may not know the right pruning methods. Branch Specialists Depew is your go-to solution when you’re stuck with tree care.

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