Stump Grinding and Stump Removal: Which One is a Better Option?

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal: Which One is a Better Option?

In their natural setting, tree stumps can take years to decompose. And as they slowly decompose, they start attracting pests and other types of insects. Although it is not a big issue in forests, decomposing stumps do pose a lot of problems in yards, gardens, or lawns.

Generally, people hire tree and stump removal experts to take care of these leftover stumps. But, most of them are usually confused about which service to book– stump grinding or stump removal?

To help homeowners around the US, experts of the best stump grinding services in Depew illustrate the difference between stump removal and grinding. Read and decide which service you want.


Stump Grinding Service: Grinding involves removing the tree stump with a highly specialized grinder chipping away the stump and its roots.

Stump Removal Service: Stump removal service involves using heavy-duty machines to pull out the whole stump along with its roots. Typically, the tree stump is tied to a tractor and pulled out by sheer force.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a specialized process of running an industrial grinder to take off the stump and mash it into smaller pieces.

Grinding the stumps has a lot of benefits – it is less expensive, there’s no need for heavy equipment, and you won’t have to worry about the leftover wood. 

It is a permanent solution for stump problems, and if you hire professionals, they can ensure that there’s no trace of the stump left after the grinding.

For people, who have flower beds and yards where heavy equipment can cause damage, grinding is the best option.

Benefits of Stump Removal

As the tree roots are spread in a wider area, they can intertwine with other plant roots and cause hindrance in their growth. But stump removal pulls all of these deep-seated roots out from the ground. 

If you feel the leftover roots would be a problem, then stump removal can help you in removing 100% of the waste. But keep in mind that the company will be using heavy machinery and the hole will be bigger this time.

Drawbacks of grinding
  • Underground roots can be a problem for other plants
  • Stumps that are close to other objects would require more precautions and extra barriers
  • Waste produced from larger stumps can add to the service cost
  • Large amounts of waste can be difficult to dispose of
Drawbacks of Removal
  •  A massive hole is left that is difficult to fill
  • Heavy equipment can damage your delicate lawn plants
  • Cost of hiring heavy-duty machinery is high
  • The whole environment gets disturbed

Which One To Choose?

For most of the residential properties in Depew NY, stump grinding service is usually the best option. Grinding removes the stumps without large machines, without disrupting the surrounding land around the stump. No heavy-duty and noisy machines mean the service would be more affordable and efficient.

Also, the wood chips left by the grinder can be used to create mulch for your lawn (Branch Specialist will create mulch for you as part of our service) which is beneficial for your grass and other garden plants.

And the best part is that grinding doesn’t involve any chemicals, and the whole work would be done within hours rather than days.


As you now know, the differences, advantages, and drawbacks of both services.

You can contact an expert tree service company and choose whether you want grinding or removal services for your home.

However, our expert arborists recommend stump grinding and removal service as a better option for residential areas.

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