Pruning Techniques: Pollarding vs. Topping a Tree Service–What’s the Difference?

Tree Service: Tree pruning can completely change the look of your tree – from a clutter of branches to a beautiful tree that thrives in your garden. Pruning is an art technique that requires patience and knowledge to get it right. A single misstep can cost you your entire tree. 

As a renowned tree service company in Depew, we have witnessed endless pruning mishaps that have ruined trees well as gardens. The best solution would be to employ a professional tree service in Depew to give your tree a long life. However, you can avoid being a part of this instance by understanding pollarding and topping pruning techniques. 

What Is Tree Topping?

Under topping, we reduce a certain height from your tree’s crown. This methodology is also termed as ‘heading cut.’ It is undertaken when the parts of the tree that do not significantly impact the growth are pruned. But this often leads to a branch shock that causes dormant lateral buds to start growing or the entire branch to die. 

This technique can even stimulate the erratic growth of the tree or complete death. Like any other tree services company in Depew, we recommend employing this method in extreme situations like tree repairing from severe storm damage. 

What is Pollarding Technique?

Pollarding is not a technique that can be used with any tree species. Consult a tree service near me to determine whether it is suitable for your tree or not.

For pollarding to work, the tree should be a large, growing, deciduous tree that would sprout quickly after pruning.

Experienced tree service makes minor cuts along the tree, which then causes water sprouts in the region. The area would then be subjected to constant cuts until it develops knobs or knuckles. The cuts are to be done precariously and only under the guidance of the expert tree services company in Depew.

It is vital to place the cut in the right place and remove the sprouts in the dormant season. Failure to do so would lead to the tree dying due to the lack of energy and inability to re-sprout.

Difference Between Pollarding and Topping a Tree

Before making a choice, acquaint yourself with the differences between pollarding and tree topping: 

Pollarding methods create a huge knuckle on the tree. They act as a source of growth for the tree and help enhance its vitality. While topping a tree facilitates no such formation.

Pollarding creates scars healed through compartmentalizing and re-sprouting. On the other hand, topping a tree involves creating large unhealable wounds that ultimately cause death.

Where to Find Adept Tree Service Near Me?

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