5 Important Points To Keep in Mind While Planting Trees

5 Important Points To Keep in Mind While Planting Trees

You can feel the joy of planting and growing a beautiful plant only when you plant them the right way. Have you seen plants whose leaves turn yellow after just a week of planting? Have you seen some trees bending over as they grow? All because they were wrongly planted.

We understand that it’s not possible to know every aspect of your favorite plant, and that’s when the best tree services in Depew can help you. Branch Specialists, for instance, have excellent expertise in guiding you for planting trees in your desired location. Here are some of our guidance lists to help you while planting trees.

5 important points to remember while planting trees could be as follows:
Choosing the right plant & spot

It’s crucial to choose the type of trees & plant them in the right spot. Look around and above at the planting place. Consider the final size and shape of the matured tree when planting trees. 

We suggest you plant native tree species of Depew that are resistant to typical pest and disease pests. Our professionals can rightly analyze the conditions that your garden can provide the plants.

Dig a correct-sized hole

You only get one chance to get it right when planting trees, so do it right the first time. Make a hole twice the diameter of your root ball. You are creating great soil conditions to encourage freshly emerging roots to settle and grow by boring the planted hole larger than the root ball.

Our experts in landscaping trees can help you measure the right size of a hole, according to your plant type and its roots.

Do not plant too deep

Do not make the hole deeper than the depth of the root ball. If your site for planting trees has heavy clay soil or you’re planting a tree that can’t stand being wet, you should plant it shallower. 

We can locate the first level of principal lateral roots before placing the plant in the planting hole. 

Examine the potted root system

If your baby plant is in a container, then make sure to examine the root system.  Is there a large percentage of spiraling roots? Both of these have a significant impact on tree health. 

If there are only a few spiraling roots on the potted plant, you can slice the sides and bottom of the root ball to keep them from inflicting long-term damage. Eliminate, if it’s only on one side of the plant. Girdling roots can choke out the tissue needed for water and nutrient uptake, causing the tree to die.

Staking is necessary

According to a recent study, staking can be harmful. However, if done correctly, the advantages of staking significantly exceed the drawbacks. For little plants and trees, in safe settings, it may not be necessary. Instead stake the ones that are tall and muscular or those that are in strong wind zones.

We can help you keep the root ball from rolling around and shattering freshly formed root hairs.

Note: Remember that trees are anchored to keep the root ball in place, not to keep the stem or crown from moving. 

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Planting trees requires nurture and care just like a baby. Our best tree services in Depew thrive to help people in and across Depew with healthier plants. With our years of expertise and certified professionals, you can be sure to attain great assistance in planting trees. Contact us

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