How to Clear Overgrown Land Without Using Chemicals

Land clearing specialists: Remember those years when you lost your gardening muse and no longer wanted to sow anything? The entire land would host a legion of unwanted plants just a month in. They would start pretty harmless – just a few odd weeds and bumbles, which would end up being privet, multiflora rose, or autumn olive. And by the time you get your muse back, the land would be home to trees and shrubs. 

You might be advised to use chemical herbicides to clear the land ASAP. But if you love your land as much as we do, you might want to stray away. So, as the best land clearing company in Depew, we have accumulated some tactics that can help you through the process. So, let us guide you!

Step 1: Clear The Land By Hand

For starting the clearing process, you should go for woody trees and shrubs. They are easier to dig, hack and pull if less than 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. 

  • Get a sharp spade to dig around the tree to get an idea about its structure. 
  • Next, use a hatchet to sever the exposed roots. 
  • If it’s still not pullable by hand, then dig around some more or use tools like the tip of a vehicle or lawn tractor.

From our experience as land clearing specialists, we can tell you that – whatever you do, never leave extra inches of the wood on the ground. Always try to cut it as close to the ground as possible. If you cannot do it, drill some holes on the stump and fill them with salt. This will kill the stump, and you can pull it out. Brambles and vines are easy to remove; just keep looking for any stray seedling. 

Step 2: Plant Easy To Control Cover Crop 

Once you get your clean land back, plant some crops over the barren land. This should be easy to control so that they form vegetation quickly. We recommend buckwheat in summer, phacelia in spring, and mustard in fall. Be sure to plant again and again. 

As the best land clearing services in Depew, take our advice and prepare for an onslaught of weeds and thug plants. Once the soil reaches its restorative state, you can start planting whatever you want. 

Step 3: Get Rid Of The Woody Debris

The best advice for unwanted woody debris is to chip them away. You can hire a chipper if you have a lot of slender saplings and then use it to create paving for mud-prone areas. As for the remaining brambles, you can just partially burn them off and turn them into charcoal. 

The best method that you can use while burning is to 

  • Create a hole in the ground
  • Stuff all the brambles in and set it on fire
  • Snuff it out as soon as the fire picks pace by throwing in the sand

This would create a fantastic habitat for the soil biota, where it will flourish under the presence of oxygen, shelter, and carbon. 

Get Help From The Best Land Clearing Company in Depew!

Land clearing in agriculture is a long process of over 2 to 3 years that requires endless patience and hard work. You can either keep up with all the hard work yourself or get help from the best land clearing services in Depew! 

We pride ourselves as land clearing specialists who share a mutual love and care for gardening and trees. Our team of specialists and experts would clear your land and bring back beautiful crops and trees. 

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