Land Clearing Service: Meaning, Methods, and Costs

Land Clearing Service: Meaning, Methods, and Costs

When we plan to rebuild our properties, land clearing is always the first step to start with. In terms of land clearing project statistics, the U.S. has been at the top, followed by China and Russia.

 As the value of properties is rising each year in Depew, land clearing contractors are in demand more than ever. And so, you may have been searching too, “land clearing near me”. Not to just get the work done, but you want to know the different available methods and the cost associated. 

So, let’s wait no more, and know what land clearing exactly means at first. 

What is Land Clearing?

Land clearing is all about making your land useful by removing all sorts of obstacles. A land clearing service basically makes your construction project easier. They help you get rid of any in-ground obstacles. Obstacles removed in land clearing could be as follows:

  • Trees
  • Tree Stumps
  • Rocks
  • Bushes
  • High slopes, etc

However, note that land clearing for a construction project and agriculture would be different. So, if you are trying to create your own farmland, then you’d just clear trees, stumps, rocks, etc. 

In contrast, if you are trying to build a new house on complex land, intensive land clearing is required. Because the focus is on previously unusable land, forests, or thickets. In fact, along with clearing, you can also associate other projects. For example:

  • Installing wells
  • Septic systems
  • Soil testing
  • Landscaping
  • Water and electric connections
  • Demolishing existing structures
  • Routes of access

So, now do you get the picture about how vast land is clearing itself?  If yes, then let’s discuss the different methods. 

What are the methods of land clearing?

As per your need, your land clearing company can offer you different methods. So, it’s all about your end goal. However, they have their own share of weaknesses and strengths. They also need a different kind of equipment.

Curious to know about the methods? Let’s look at the following,

1. Using a bulldozer

Bulldozing method is quite rougher than the others. So, it’s effective when you have a huge plot to clear and you want to get it done asap. Our professionals at Branch Specialists Depew start by pushing the bulldozer over your trees and bushes. 

After clearing the land, we correctly fill the holes that our bulldozers leave behind. The bulldoze materials are also hauled away or burnt. So, if you want an upcoming construction project then bulldozing would be the perfect method. 

2. Mulching method

The aim of this method is to dig up the ground vegetation onto the topsoil. People related to farming and vegetation would realize this purpose better. This method creates a natural barrier against any pests. And later, you’d see the vegetation regrowth.

Land clearing contractors generally use mulchers. By doing so, your land would be saved from any damage. This means you do not have to worry about coming back later and repairing it. 

Different types of equipment for a mulching method are

  • Application Specific tractor
  • Attachment in forestry tractors
  • Excavators
  • Skid steers. 

Well-maintained forestry mulchers can perform land clearing up to 15 acres of vegetation land per day. In fact, anything that is sized up to a medium-sized tree could be taken down. They would be turned down to mulch in no time. 

But, do you have a larger tree in your vegetation that you want to clear off? Well, our tree removal experts can do that too.

Warning-Mulching machines should be kept at least 300 feet away from bystanders.

3. Burning

For small plots of land, you do not necessarily need a land clearing service for this method. But, there are some ways in which burning can turn out effective.  There are two ways of using the burning method as follows:

  • Pile and burn method
  • Prescribed burn

The first pile and burn method is started only after collecting the material like bushes, trees, and weeds. This method often requires you to collect the materials at first. These materials are stacked into a single place which is then lit up. 

The second method, Prescribed burn remains under control. It’s the fastest method to clear a huge plot of land.  But, there have been records of this method getting out of control.  So, be careful in windy and dry weather conditions. 

Different Land Clearing Equipment
Skid Steers
Backhoe Loaders
Brush Chippers


As you have known about different land clearing methods, are you wondering about their costs as well? Well, we can show you some of that as well. Let’s get into it!

What do land clearing services cost?

Just like any other service, the cost of a land clearing service also depends on your needs. So, we may not be able to give you a definite one for the time being. But we can give you a general range of what land clearing service charges.

They are as follows:

  1. It costs $2,581 per acre on average to clear land.
  2. If you only have bush and no trees, the cost is far less, which could be $20 to $200 per acre.
  3. Clearing a lightly wood area would cost between $733 to $2,333 per acre.
  4. Hourly rate of stump removal costs between $94 to $163. 
  5. Mulching method is costlier than the rest. It costs $400 per acre on average.

So, if you are looking for land clearing contractors, then analyze the above information. After that, decide on which method and price you are comfortable with.

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Our land clearing service professionals use modern machines and equipment for the job. And as such we assure no harm to your soil quality and structure. 

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