Is it Possible to Replant in the Same Spot after Stump Grinding?

Stump Grinding: If you’ve recently undertaken stump removal services, you must be left with an empty spot in your garden. And as much as a relief it is to get rid of an annoying stump, an open space with no productivity is even worse. So, you might want to replant the area again – but is it possible?

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Can You Replant On The Same Spot After Stump Grinding?

Renowned as the best stump grinding services in Depew, with years of experience and learning through trial and error, we can tell you that planting on the same spot might not be a clever choice. Trees take a lot of time to grow, and by the time you remove them, it has already sucked the majority of the nutrition from the soil of the area.

The stump grinding process also produces a lot of sawdust that mixes with the soil and reduces its quality. And if you don’t carefully remove the roots of previous plants, your new planting might not have enough space to grow.

If you had removed the tree because of a disease, there are chances that the pathogen still resides in the space. Planting immediately means that your new plant will also be affected by it.  

So, Is Planting On A New Site A Better Idea?

Absolutely! You’re going to save yourself a lot of money and trouble by planting in a different location. If that place holds a sentimental or aesthetic purpose, then keep these things in mind before planting:

  • Check if the older plant had any disease. If an infected tree did inhabit that place, find the exact problem and pick a new plant that will be immune to it.
  • Let the site rest for some months. Do not be too hasty and plant right after the removal. The older tree’s roots will slowly decompose and give you soil filled with nutrients and soft enough to produce. 
  • Prepare the area properly before planting again. Remove any sawdust remnants, clear out the older roots, and add topsoil to the primary or surrounding area. 
Is Stump Grinding Profitable For My Garden?

It certainly is! Through our time as the best stump grinding services in Depew, we’ve dealt with several stump grinding projects that gave excellent results. If you too have a stray trump lying around, then you might want to invest in stump grinding because:

  • Removing the stump will give your garden a better look.
  • It’ll remove the chance of anyone accidentally tripping over it.
  • It makes sure that the trunk no longer sucks essential nutrients.
  • Old stumps usually attract harmful insects and pests- and stump grinding keeps them at bay.
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