How to Select the Best Fertilizer For Your Evergreens?

How to Select the Best Fertilizer For Your Evergreens?

No matter where you live, you cannot grow a garden without evergreen trees. Year-around color, texture, aesthetic, privacy  – all adds up to the beauty of evergreen trees. Not to mention, they are functional too!

To maintain and enjoy the greenery of the evergreen trees – fertilizing them is of the essence. Not just any fertilizers, but specific evergreen fertilizers, which ensure these trees enjoy healthy and sturdy growth and maintain their majestic look throughout the year. Fertilizers that contain the right mix of macro and micronutrients can also keep the soil nutrient-rich and robust.

But before you start scratching your head thinking “how to fertilize evergreen trees?” – we already went a step ahead and prepared a list to help you learn about different evergreen fertilizers. If you’re with us, let’s start straight away!

Types of Evergreens Fertilizers

Depending on the soil and feed you have, there are 3 types of evergreen tree fertilizers available in the market.

Fertilizer Spikes For Evergreens Tree

Gradual-release spikes are the most practical option to fertilize evergreen trees. These fertilizers release nutrients slowly over time and carry less risk of run-off and root burn. They are compact, premeasured, easy to store, and less hassle. Even regular watering isn’t that necessary as the microorganisms that live in the soil release the required nutrients.

Liquid Evergreen Feed

These quick-release liquid fertilizers are very economical and can be used on the lawn too. You can find specifically formulated liquids to boost the growth of evergreens in your yard. The biggest benefit of this type of evergreen fertilizer is the nutrients reach – which directly and quickly reaches the roots, showing faster results. This liquid evergreen feed when used in an appropriate amount, also helps in balancing the PH level of the soil.

Evergreen Plant Food Granules & Powder

These slow-release granules are one of the most assuring ways to fertilize evergreen trees. These are heavily concentrated granules that provide consistent, accurately measured nutrients to ensure the best evergreen tree care for around 3-6 months. These powders are inexpensive, quick-acting, and highly soluble in water that can give an immediate boost of nutrients to your soil and evergreen plants

NPK Ratio for Evergreens Fertilizers 

All evergreen plants are nitrogen-loving, and with the right combination of macronutrients, they will thrive.

Fertilizers have 3 key elements:

  • Nitrogen(N): To promote dense foliage growth and lush.
  • Phosphorus(P): To help in strengthening the roots and increasing disease resistance
  • Potassium(K): To facilitate efficient distribution of water, oxygen, and other nutrients  

The ideal NPK ratio to fertilize evergreen trees is 10:8:15 which means 10% Nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, and 15% potassium in every fertilizer bag. Although most people think more nitrogen is better, given the size of these statuesque topiaries, potassium is more important to ensure all the important stuff reaches wherever it’s needed and the whole plant remains healthy and thrives.


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