How to Clean Up After Stump Grinding?

How to Clean Up After Stump Grinding?

A leftover stump can cause many problems and accidents in your yard. These stumps can injure and hinder the growth of other plants in the garden.

However, proper cleaning after the stump grinding is as vital as the grinding itself. The stump residuals need to be cleared, or your yard will become a mess. Also, after the grinding, it needs to be cleaned too.

Fortunately, if you hire the best stump grinding company in Depew, they will do the cleaning. But for the rest, who use their bulldozers or tractors to take out the stump, the expert stump grinding service mentions some easy steps to clear the land after the stump has been removed.

Easy Steps to Clean Up After Stump Grinding

Step 1: Get the required tools

Once the tree is cut, and the stump is out, you should act quickly. For faster and more efficient cleaning, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools. As the ground will be full of pebbles, rocks, and sharp wood chips, you would need protective gear to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Some of the essential cleaning tools you must have are long sleeve gloves, long boots, a shovel, a rake, and a hand-push trolley.

Step 2: Gather the wood chips and stones separately

You can use the wood chips in a number of ways, and the best one is by using them as mulch. You can also use it to pave a walkway or as a firestarter.

Step 3: Fill in the hole

As the stump is gone and wooden chips are out, a big hole in your yard remains. Topsoil is the best option to fill this kind of hole, as it has the highest concentration of organic materials and will also prevent soil erosion.

But in case you can’t find enough topsoil to fill the hole, you can also use the wood debris and sawdust as a covering. The wood chips are also organic and can provide nutrients to the soil and plant.

Step 4: Dispose or reuse the stump grinding

We at Branch Specialists understand the benefits and uses of wood fibers and chips. Thus, whenever you hire our professionals, they always reuse the wooden chips and create an organic mulch for your yard, unless you don’t want to!

Apart from creating mulch, the stump leftovers can be used to fill the hole or create the outline of a walkway of your home. Additionally, you can also spread the stump grindings on a snowy sidewalk to increase traction and use sawdust to create a cheap firestarter and light bonfires.

Step 5: Grow a new tree or flower bed

As the diseased tree and its stump are gone, the next thing you can think about is what to do with the new space. If you have decided to plant a new tree, make sure you plant at least 6-8 feet away from the original location. The reason is that there might still be some roots left in the ground, and these roots can compete with your new tree roots, making them difficult to grow.

If you don’t want a tree, you can also plant grass seeds or flower beds to enhance the look of your yard.

Sit Back and Relax!

The stump is gone, and so is its debris. Now you can relax in your yard and enjoy the unobstructed view.

If you don’t have grinding tools with you or you don’t want to do the grinding, contact the Branch Specialists and take advantage of our expert stump grinding service.

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