How To Carefully Fell a Tree Leaning Towards Your House?

How To Carefully Fell a Tree Leaning Towards Your House?

Cutting down any type of tree can be like taking a dice with death. If that tree is inclined towards a residential property, the difficulty increases manifold. 

In such a scenario, you have to try to redirect the leaning tree’s fall so that it doesn’t fall upon the house. Sounds demanding, right? We agree too!

Fortunately, the best tree services in Depew have quite an easy and safe process to cut down leaning trees. Scroll down to know the procedure!

Cutting Down A Tree Near A House With 4 Effortless Steps

Step 1 – Assess The Condition
  • Consider All Factors

Before cutting down any tree, the best tree trimming company in Depew checks and measures all the variables in play. Are there any power lines near the tree and house? Is there any structure that needs to be considered? How big is the tree? Does the tree look like it could fall any moment? The best tree removal company in Depew considers all these factors before figuring out the best time to cut down trees.

  • Stock Up Equipment And Permits

Next, think about what kind of equipment you will need to cut the trees safely and efficiently. Research what the best tree trimming services in Depew are using for this kind of job. Stock all the quintessential tools before you embark on the project. Also, acquire all the legal permits required to remove trees. 

Step 2 – Plan The Project
  • Figuring Out Safe Places

The tree cut-down service always makes a detailed plan before placing an ax over trees and you should too. In your scenario, you want to keep the trees from falling over your house. So, you must figure out another safe place to knock down the trees. You also need to have escape routes to get away once the tree falls. 

  • Informing The Neighborhood

The planning stage also involves talking to your neighbors about your tree removal plan. Request them to keep their children and pets from your property on the project day.

Step 3 – Collect All Safety Equipment

Safety should be the topmost priority in any tree removal project. And for that, you should be geared up with the right safety equipment before climbing on the trees. This includes:

  • Long Pants and Sleeves
  • Closed-toe Shoes
  • Heavy-Duty Gloves
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Hard Hat
Step 4 – Establishing The Tree Fall

Trees leaning in a different direction than the intended fall are called “back lean”. You must correct such back leans to slash the trees in your preferred direction. To do this –

  • Make a V-shaped notch cut in the direction you want the tree to fall. For that, start with a cut at a 45-degree angle about a quarter of the way into the tree’s trunk.
  • Create a second V-shape cut in the opposite direction to guide the trees in the direction you want it to fall.
  • Cut a straight line through the trunk on the opposite side of the V cut. This will let the trees fall by releasing the tension created by the V cut.
  • Quickly move away to the designated escape route once you make that cut.

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