When to Hire the Best Tree Trimming Company in Depew for Spring-Flowering Trees?

Not all trees and shrubs have similar needs for trimming!

Depending on the species, the best tree trimming company in Depew carries on the trimming work.

However, that doesn’t mean there are certain species that can do away with the trimming services. 

Nearly all the plant species benefit from the occasional best tree trimming services in Depew.

You need to get the best tree trimming services near me to shape up plants, restrict overgrowth, and remove dead parts. 

The adept tree experts of Branch Specialists divide trees and shrubs into two types for trimming work. 

  • Old wood flowers (the early flowering trees)
  • New wood flowers (the spring and summer blooming trees)

So, the next time you feel lost on when to trim the spring-flowering trees, refer to this blog!

Old wood plants v/s new wood plants

The best tree trimming company in Depew figures out the type of spring-flowering plants before proceeding with trimming.

Usually, the spring flowering plants set their flower buds on the previous fall. That is on the stem growth from last year. When these plants then bloom the next spring, they are said to bloom on “old wood”. 

However, there is another category of spring-flowering trees that blooms later in the season. Usually, they bloom on new growth that occurs during the current growing season. These are the spring-flowering trees that bloom on “new wood”.

Spring-flowering trees that need the best tree trimming company in Depew right after blooming

The majority of the spring-flowering trees bloom on old wood. For the old wood flowers, there is a rule of thumb that the licensed tree trimmers near me or Branch Specialists follow. They trim those trees immediately after the spring flowers start to fade. 

This trimming schedule allows the plants to start producing their new wood. This will prep up the flower buds to bloom out next spring’s vibrant flowers. 

Some of the spring-flowering plants that must be trimmed immediately after flowering is –

  • Azalea
  • Beauty Blush
  • Flowering Plum
  • Hydrangea
  • Lilac
  • Magnolia
Plants to trim during dormancy

The landscaping and tree trimming near me services trim the spring-flowering trees that bloom in the dormant period. That is in late winter or early spring, right before the new growth begins. 

So, for the “new wood” flowers, Branch Specialists – the best tree trimming company in Depew trims it during dormancy. This gives ample time to create new wood to produce some radiant summer flowering. 

Below are some of the spring-flowering trees for which dormant period trimming is recommended – 

  • Butterfly bush
  • Golden rain tree
  • Hawthorn
  • Honeysuckle
  • Bradford pear
  • Potentilla
Can you break the tree trimming schedule rules?

Sometimes, it makes sense to hire the best tree trimming company in Depew other than the standard trimming schedule. You can go ahead and let the tree trimming service near me trim the spring-flowering plant during dormancy.

You may have to sacrifice the flower buds and lose the spring blooms in your garden for one season. 

So, when are you allowed to do that?

When you have to urgently rejuvenate an old tree and make extensive cuts.
When you don’t want to stress the plant while it is actively growing in spring.
If you want to protect your spring-flowering trees from nasty insects. (Winter trimming keeps plants less susceptible to insects)


The pro tree arborists of Branch Specialists can figure out the perfect time to trim your spring-flowering trees. So, save the headache and hire the best tree trimming company in Depew today!

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