How To Bring Back Topped Tree To Its Actual Shape?

How To Bring Back Topped Tree To Its Actual Shape?

Periodic tree pruning service gives trees a healthy structure and stimulates vigorous growth in the right places. Once they get a healthy cut from the best tree trimming services in Depew, they spring into a new growing season with zeal. 

However, there is one infamous tree pruning method that restricts the trees from a healthy growth – like “tree topping”. Let’s break down what it exactly means and how you can correct such a disastrous pruning.

What Is a Tree Topping Method?

Tree topping is named exactly right! In this method, the tree pruning service chops the top of the tree off. This reduces the tree’s remaining upper branches. As a result, your tree is left standing there with frail, unstable limbs and an unnaturally bare appearance. This pruning method also exposes your trees to breakage and other risks.

Why Shouldn’t You Ever Top Trees?

The best tree services in Depew advises against topping trees for 4 main reasons – 

1. This method removes a lot of tree leaves thereby decreasing the tree’s potential to photosynthesize and produce food.

2. The wounds of the remaining short limbs become easy entry points for pathogens and insects.

3. After topping, the trees grow new limbs quickly that are often too weak to handle heavy storms.

4. Eventually, the new branches grow to the original height of the tree, bolstering the unsafe cycle. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Fix Topped Trees

If you topped your trees without knowing about the ill consequences, you can still fix it. Follow the steps precisely and hopefully, your tree will be able to regain its original shape back.

Step 1 –

You’ll need enough patience to correct the topped trees. Such trees grow multiple shoots from each cut as it attempts to restore energy production. So, avoid tampering with them until they have established these shoots. You have to wait till the winter for the new shoots to harden before placing any pruning tool over them.

Step 2 –

Classify the shoots that can form dominant branches called leaders. You can choose these leaders from the tallest shoots. It must be without any damage such as decay or cracks.

Step 3 –

Next, cut the weaker shoots down to the trunk. Leave out some short, strong sprouts that have the potential to catch up with the new leader. But cut them back to about ½ of their current length. These sturdy sprouts can branch out as new limbs on the leader.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that the new leader is central and stable so that it can successfully sprout into a replacement branch. Save only about 1/3rd shoots from each old topping cut to get the best chance of restoring powerful leaders and branches with good structures.

Step 4 – 

This was the first restoration pruning. Repeat these steps every 2-3 years over the next 10 years to branch back the tree to its natural form. And also, if you don’t wish to call in the best tree removal services in Depew and best stump grinding services in Depew to do away with your precious tree.

Hire Branch Specialists Depew To Keep Your Trees In Its Best Shape

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